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21-Sep-2019 04:52

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If you normally add photos of your cat as your human profile, add another point to your crazy cat lady total. This is you creating a website, blog, Facebook or Twitter profile pretending to be your cat typing to humans.While some of these can be entertaining, informative and funny, some of them can be downright creepy. As a fan of John Barlett’s kitten cam, I can attest that it’s hard to navigate away.If they look like they want to hurl a hairball, you’re out of there.Whether it’s your Facebook page, Twitter profile or even your Linked In business page, good ol’ fluffy is front and center.Or you stop wearing white because your cat is black. If you’re so used to a purring pillow draped over your chest or wrapped around your head that you have difficulty sleeping without it, it’s another leap towards crazy cat lady. What happens when she’s already there or climbs into bed and cradles your head just to push it out of the way?Either way if you make this drastic of a change because of cat hair, you might have issues. If you move to indulge your cat’s preferences, it might be a bit much.THE BEST FLEA PRODUCT without the guilt because it’s all natural!!

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Here is my list of 28 reasons you might be labeled a crazy cat lady.You’ll never find anyone who really cares about your cat like these two???? He is approximately 18 years old and was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, He was throwing up a lot and had the runs all the time, and was always hungry.This has been a complete turnaround since I started him on CATalyst once a day.If your cash is flowing more freely to your kitty than other humans, you might be a crazy cat lady.

Bonus points in crazy cat lady land if you spend money buying each of your cats separate towers and gifts.Keep score as you go to view your results at the end of the article.

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