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20-May-2020 05:15

Depending on the outcomes of these tests it may be decided that the automatic chat function needs to be supplemented with a manual function.This hybrid solution will enable ‘human operators’ to manually reply to questions that could not be answered by the chatbot.Cyber Agent Technology To use the chatbot functionality for the various communication platforms a Cyber Agent Technology platform has been built that interconnects all software components.These components include, but are not limited to: Data Processing All chat reports and extracts of chats are logged in a universally accepted standard which facilitates the exchange of cases.This may not be necessary if an acceptable level is achieved by carefully designing and implementing the various fictional characters and the associated question / answer database.

This is a virtualized minor child (aka Sweetie) who will engage in a dialogue using a chatbot facility and 3D imagery, in which all the chats are analyzed by the underlying frame work and that recognizes ‘online predators’ by the way of rapprochement.

This will consider generic storage methods used by various national and international (investigation) agencies such as Interpol and Europol in order to simplify matching with other (online) child abuse cases.

Proof of Concept and Live For a short period, the implemented functionality will be tested in designated chat rooms under human supervision.

The underlying technology will be available as a new Cyber Agent Technology platform that can potentially be integrated in custom projects for other customers.

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The Sweetie 2.0 software will be used for mapping, measuring and combating online child abuse.This will be the first contact with the target group of the automated chatbot functionality.