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Delana still has fond feelings toward Siuan, and genuinely wishes to help "the woman who had stolen honeycakes with her and more than once had taken the blame for pranks they had both been involved in." Delana is shocked when "Halima" arrives in Salidar and displays the hand signal that identifies a member of the Black Ajah - this from a woman who Delana knows cannot channel saidar.

Halima informs her that she, Delana, will be working for her and mentions the name Aran'gar: a name, Halima says, she sometimes uses.

She is part of both Lelaine Akashi and Romanda Cassin's factions She is first to cast her vote for Egwene al'Vere becoming Amyrlin in the Little Tower.

However, her support was unpredictable, and everyone noticed she seemed to flit from one faction to another.

She had been good friends with Siuan Sanche when they were novices and Accepted; their time together overlapped but they did not proceed in step.

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She had a deep voice for a woman, though not masculine. She had a disconcerting habit of staring at someone so intently that it seemed nothing else existed.From this time forward, all Delana's actions and voting in the Hall are a direct reflection of Aran'gar's orders.Delana tries to give the impression of loyalty to each person in the rebel camp of power, and to a certain extent succeeds.Lelaine Akashi calls an emergency meeting of the Hall when Jahar Narishma arrives to propose the Rebel Aes Sedai bonding forty-seven Asha'man.

Jahar senses a woman channeling saidin which causes Delana to flee, along with her servants Miesa and Halima.More importantly, Halima also requires protection of her secret identity and the fact that "she" can channel the masculine saidin.