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02-Oct-2019 14:32

For admins: there's a new update mechanism so when you get patches from developers you simply update your system by browsing to: update=1 Anybody who syncs to the current code will have to do that.support so that we can customize Open Clip Art Library?I actually screwed up my checkin mail (missing a 'not' 100% checked in) but it's all in now (sent Jon separate mail how to get the files on to your site).- shortly after that I'll finish coding the charts module, now made possible by all the cached stats we'll have floating around.******** WARNING to cc Host users: The structure of the XML templates has changed.

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2006-01-23 fourstones * cctemplates/1.20: fixed IE * cclib/cc-phpbb21.30: now passing caller's IP over to php BB (requires mods to php BB to "see" it as user_ip) * forum/templates/cchost/admin/board_config_1.2: * forum/templates/cchost/admin/forum_admin_1.2: * forum/templates/cchost/admin/index_1.2: php BB upgrade mods 2006-01-23 kidproto * cctemplates/1.5: added license_url * cclib/1.1: fix feed * Change Log 1.22: Update 2006-01-20 fourstones * mixter-files/1.2: fixed styles * mixter-files/1.4: grammar * mixter-files/1.3: added 'how to' * mixter-files/1.1: guidelines for editors -- because I got tired of typing them out each time 2006-01-19 fourstones * cclib/cc-phpbb21.22: * cclib/1.4: bugfix: changing password got forums out of sync 2006-01-19 kidproto * Change Log 1.21: * 1.4: * 1.3: * 1.15: * cclib/1.1: Added stub for making support for atom feeds for media, etc.

The rankings allows for 'charts' which I've started working on but is not complete.

Text formatting: the user description, upload description and editor picks now have text formatting (bold, italic, urls, etc.) I've tested it on Firefox and IE on Windows, Firefox and Safari on Mac and it seems to be holding up.

Admin use ' Global Settings' menu to determine if they want all users or just admins (or nobody) to have formatting turned on.

For now, the fields actually eligible for formatting are hard-coded into PHP, someday, when I get around to it I'll make this an admin option.2006-01-18 kidproto * 1.13: keep it real * ccextras/1.3: Oops minor foible...fixed!