Database ease of updating

31-Aug-2020 23:15

The great support that the organization offers its users.It has tools that allow the database administrator to perform its function efficiently and effectively.I am not sure if i can say that other way round for other databases i have used.It's quite complicated to learn and definitely complicated to master, but it provides you with enough tools to do complicated tasks quite easily.

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It allows to implement the security of the database efficiently and effectively through the management of users, roles and passwords.As I said at the beginning there are many advantages of Oracle to create a reliable and secure database.Cons: Just as it has a simple and adaptable interface, it's necessary to have a broad knowledge of programming and creation of tables to take advantage of the entire box of functionality that Oracle has. Overall: Oracle Database is a powerful, flexible and enriched tool with unparalleled coding for database creation at different scales.Built on the new self-driving database technology, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud removes complexity, human error, and manual tuning by performing fully automated administration and tuning, including automatic configurations and online recovery to ensure higher availability. Drawing on nearly four decades of expertise in building data management and data protection for massive enterprise-grade operations, Oracle has engineered in-depth security into all computing layers to ensure data privacy and safety. Overall: Scale, security, easy migration, analytics etc Pros: It is a very powerful database from the point of view of storage and development, I have used oracle in many aspects, as a database engine and for a large amount of data it is perfect because it handles high volume data efficiently, as well It provides the advantage of being able to develop with SQL ansi standard procedures and tasks that automate the management of data, the advantage of being able to run on any platform and with any development tool allows development projects to be carried out in the expected time, compatibility It is your biggest advantage Cons: As a disadvantage I think that the way to handle the downloads of the connection drivers for the different platforms is a bit tedious since other databases do not require so much protocol to download the drivers.

Routine but important maintenance tasks, such as upgrade, update, and patching are executed automatically, eliminating costly manual error-prone human processing. Oracle supports all data types, from SQL and No SQL to Hadoop, as well as workloads of any size for everyone, from developers for Dev Test to IT for the most mission-critical workloads Cons: Oracle can work and improve its customer service. it may be necessary in some cases to document about the new functionalities because the examples provided by the provider are not so clear and / or non-existent Overall: My experience with Oracle has been as administrator and developer which gives me an overview of the projects and has allowed me, thanks to the tools it provides, to achieve projects that with other database managers could not have been successfully completed, that is, the multiple tools provided by oracle are very helpful although the examples and the documentation seem scarce Pros: I have been using Oracle Database since the version 10g.- A well-configured cluster with Oracle is practically invincible.