Datagridview cellvalidating not working Free online adult dating websites no charge free access

15-Nov-2020 16:45

The events always seem to be called in the order posted. Count) return;placed at the start of Cell Validating keeps the rest of the code running some of the time.

The only reason I'm only getting an error sometimes, is that sometimes the check: if(e. But as indicted in the previousmesssage, sometimes Rows.

Value But returns an error stating that this is a read-only value.

Let me know what you use for a datasource (If it is not Datarows; i.e., a dataset, datatable, dataview), then we may need to add some logic if your using objects.

In reality the the cell validated when it was suppose to, AND when Rows. In other words it was called twice, and the 2nd time it was called when the grid was in an undetermined state where Rows. Annoying, and I can't think of any good reason for validation events to be called in the middle of Clear, especially when things are half cleaned up.

Hello I want to validate data entered in various cells in a datagridview but I just can't get the cellvalidating event to fire.

OK, what I have done is to create a dynamic SQL string and then bound it to the datagrid as shown below.

In this case the Button_Click event is called, which saves the data and clears the grid and apparently after the grid is cleared, then it calls Cell Validated.

From this point on the dgv requires a date, or a null.

Anyways, glad you got it to work, although, try just using the columnname, rather than the datarow's .

Maybe you should call me.validate or this.validate in the first line of the button's click event Thanks, I'll see if that helps.

The really strange thing is that when Cell Validated is called, Data Grid View. Count gives a value I would expect (greater than 0), but if you try to access any of the cells it throws an 'Object reference not set'.

It seems like Cell Validated is being called in the middle of Rows.