Dating 1 minute interview

30-Oct-2019 15:56

If you would like to hire a co-op student, please send a job description by email or post your job online or call 519.884.0710 extension 4484.

Please note that recruiting dates are subject to change.

Sometimes you might get invited to interview by a college you did not apply to.

This is part of our reallocation process, where applicants get moved around to make sure everyone interviewed has a similar chance of being made an offer.

Your invitation letter or email will usually come from the college you applied to.

If you submitted an open application, the letter or email will come from the college you have been allocated to.

A good deal of the teaching at Oxford takes place in small classes or tutorials, and your interviewers – who may be your future tutors – are assessing your ability to study, think and learn in this way.

Depending on what is relevant for the course you are applying for, you may be given a text, a poem, a graph, or an object, and then asked to answer questions and comment on it.

Tutors shortlist the candidates they feel have the strongest potential and meet their selection criteria best.

Only those shortlisted are invited to interview in Oxford.

Different courses will issue invitations on different days depending on when the interviews are scheduled.

Courses holding interviews in early December will issue invitations in mid-November and those holding interviews later in December will issue invitations towards the end of November. All interviews take place in early to mid-December so please make sure you are going to be available during this time as interviews cannot be rearranged.

’ Physics tutor Oxford receives around 21,500 applications for around 3,300 places every year and carries out around 10,000 interviews.