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05-Oct-2019 11:05

Thats why after 13 weeks in recruit training you are still only a basic trained Marine with more training to follow and built on for the remainder of your career. Then you have the whole leadership factor which I can say there isn’t a lot of in the civilian workforce. And this is even more off topic but everyone says we are at war for oil and its wrong…Everyone who says that should be slapped every time they complain about the price at the pumps. There are many ways to find very nice, practicing Catholic ladies even today! I have found out that most virtuous young women seem to prefer to be friends first. Open doors, eat with your mouth closed/use a napkin, help her out, apologize when you said or did something wrong. I don’t know if I’d consider myself much of a “young” adult anymore, but there really isn’t anything like that around me.

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I’m lonely and I really do want a holy companion (and something that can turn into something more); I do have that desire for intimacy (in a good way) and the desire to share myself with another. The Lord may call you into a situation where much suffering will occur. My point is that you must allow the Lord to work through you and become content without the girl.

I've gone to a few classes or different groups and the vast majority of people are senior citizens with a married couple or two splashed in. I started going for a promise I made to our Lord and got hooked.

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