Dating a farmer in ireland

04-Feb-2020 09:46

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Your date night or dinner conversations revolve a little too much around the latest and greatest equipment (that he/she wants, but can’t afford) or what went wrong (or right) that day. Unless it’s raining or they’re broken down, they aren’t leaving the farm.

Dating a farmer is one thing, but dating a farmer during harvest is another. Whether it’s a wedding, double date, or even a simple appointment, do not assume they’ll be available.

Be prepared to know, but don’t ask how it’s coming.

I can probably answer this for you – not fast enough.

54 - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Seriously intelligent, educated, sexy and not too serious! So, I'm smart, funny and sexy, but not in that order. Following a campaigning 'lonely hearts' feature back in 1997, our office was inundated with mail from country-dwelling singles looking for love.

Incredibly, it is 20 years since Country Living first launched its unique dating service, which was based on this simple premise: that if you live and work on the land, it can be especially hard to find a partner.

If you’re making meals for the field, stick with foods that are easy to eat where half of it won’t end up on their lap.

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Why not join us and become part of the ongoing Farmer Wants a Wife success story.We love a happy ending, so do stay in touch and let us know how you get on. This gives you the option to depart easily should you decide your date is not for you.Susy Smith Group Editorial Director, Country Living magazine Decide what you want from on-line dating. You can always order a second cup if things are going well.And now, to make things easier, our dating service is available online.

What's more, you don't have to be a farmer to sign up - the Farmer Wants a Wife is for anyone and everyone whose heart is in the country and who would love to meet their soulmate.Harvest can feel like a never-ending cycle, day in and day out, working more than what they are sleeping.