Dating a felony configuration options available for updating windows xp professional

11-Oct-2020 08:44

When can a employer legally ask about a felony conviction? Are there crimes I don't have to disclose to an employer in California? Do I have to disclose an expunged conviction to an employer? When can a California employer use a background check? How does a felony conviction affect federal employment? Applicants who fail to disclose a felony conviction might not be hired if the employer finds out.

Or if they are hired, they could be fired later on.

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But only if the crime is substantially related to the qualifications, functions, or duties of the business or profession.In addition, convicted felons may not serve as peace officers... Depending on the specific crime, a California or federal felony conviction may result in either a permanent bar... from employment as, or with: And if you are convicted of an offense that arises from advocating the overthrow of the federal government or the government of a state...