Dating a former cocaine addict

03-Jan-2020 04:19

My ex-husband was a crack addict while we were married - and he got clean.

Even though he hasn't touched drugs in over 8 years, he still has a fucked up brain.

He told me things noone knew about him and I understood why he did drugs there was so much pain in his past. I have texted him repeatedly and he continues to just ignore me. The best way to deal with this is reasearch lots of research and therapy rocks give it a try it does get better. What I get from Addict the most is - lipstick smashed against leather.

I was psychologically abused and betrayed by people who I thought I could trust with my life.Your children will help you through this because every time he steals from you, he is stealing from the mouth of your children.I think he thought that if he was open abput the drugs then it would make it okay.I was wondering if anyone had been through the same type of situation and how they dealt with it. Encourage him to do new things - volunteer work for example, and then he will have new experiences to talk about.

What's the best way to keep a healthy relationship when one person is a former addict and the other one is not. I really can't figure how come that there's no leather or at least a bit of fir note presented in the collage above, but I swear that leather is the most dominant "ingredient" here.

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