Dating a high school sweetheart

24-Jan-2020 19:26

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Here’s why:(Disclaimer: I fully accept that some people actually are mature enough and lucky enough to find true love as a teenager. In all honesty, if you’re happily married to your high school sweetheart, you’ve done the right thing. No matter what choice you make, though, the result is often the same: You meet other people. If stages of life were musical groups, adolescence would be Limp Bizkit. I’m not talking about intellect here, or creativity, or even wisdom.

Whatever you read below, please don’t be mad at me, OK? Now, free to make your own choices, you go on to college. Even in an age of social media, being in high school involves living in a bubble. Of course you fall for the first person you meet who, like, “just gets you.” The idea that there could be an utterly absurd amount of people out there who also get you seems pretty unrealistic when you’re still writing bad poetry about angst, and torment, and your stupid teachers. I put a pair of boxer shorts on backwards the other day and didn’t realize it until I was getting ready for bed. Teenagers can be geniuses, they can be artists, they can even be more insightful than people three times their age.

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