Dating a man 20 years older than me

19-Jun-2020 07:48

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While most women say it’s great to date an older man…there’s a limit. There is another voice in your head wondering about what this “strangeness” is all about.

When you date someone over 30 in your 20s there could be an imbalance of power. There is a big difference between a 39-year-old male who has experienced life changes and challenges that have made him mature and one who has only been responsible to himself.

But your 20’s are a life-stage of much growth, change and getting to know yourself. You do have so much to experience and as much as you’re more mature than your peers and you think you know who you are, you don’t, at least not well enough to commit to a man regardless of his age. Even 40-something women who married the love of their lives in their early 20s wish they had waited.

Even when you think you’re an old 20-something, you’re not.

I can’t see myself with somebody in their 20s at the moment.

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If they don’t go through it in their teens or twenties because they are studying or working hard or were just a nerd or maybe the girls were all dating older men, then they will go through it when they become successful. Wait.” “Common interests is not enough” “Listen to the voices in your head” “Try to listen to what your friends think” (if they are truly good friends and not just wanting you to be in their world) And as always, I welcome more advice from 40-something women out there on this subject!

I actually do stuff – I’m active in my field, I don’t party, and screwing around doesn’t appeal to me. The age difference is more pronounced in your 20s than in your 40s.