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As a result, we’re careful about committing and may wait a long time to let you in.(What’s your personality type?

Take a free personality assessment.)When we do find that special person, we can still be an enigma.

We’ll be a dedicated partner who supports you in achieving your goals.

But we can also seem distant, quick to judge, and at times, completely clueless about others’ feelings.

So yes there are times I regret architecture, but it is fleeting and usually occurs around deadline time. I've seen a lot of people from my school in the UK drop out due to thinking they are above the time that needs to be put in.

Google up the requirements and costs for credentialing and licensure in your country/state or region.

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We have a sense of personal dedication to our partner, and we expect to receive that in return.

We want a partner who believes in our work, our goals, and our abilities. Most INTJs aren’t great at reading subtle cues — which is why appreciate when people are direct about their thoughts.