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El Salvador ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990, which sets a minimum age of marriage of 18, and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in 1981, which obligates states to ensure free and full consent to marriage.

During its 2017 review, the CEDAW Committee raised concerns about the social acceptance of sexual and marital relations of children and teenagers with older men in El Salvador.

citizen or lawful permanent resident gives noncitizens a direct path to U.

Contrary to popular rumor, however, the foreign citizen does not immediately or automatically receive a green card or U.

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on a K-1 visa in order to get married in the United States. lawful permanent resident, your Salvadoran spouse will be considered a "preference relative," in category 2A of the visa preference system. If you and your intended spouse (who lives outside the U. The two of you will attend a green card interview at a local USCIS office. After USCIS approves the I-130, what happens next depends on your, the petitioner's status. If you are a permanent resident, your spouse must wait (an average of up to two years, as of 2016) until a visa is available in category 2A. S., your situation is more complicated than this article can address. government keeps track of what documents are considered legally valid from each country, El Salvador included, and will reject yours if it doesn't come from the proper source.Here are some tidbits: For someone reason El Mundo checked to see if fidelity varies whether you belong to ARENA or the FMLN -- it doesn't.According to ABC, "Republicans are around 10 points more likely than Democrats to think about sex daily, to be very satisfied with their marriages and sex lives and to wear something sexy to spice things up; and less likely to say they've cheated.Up until then, the Family Code 1993 had allowed exceptions for marriage before 18 years in cases of pregnancy, enabling perpetrators of sexual violence to escape punishment.

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El Mundo recently published the results of a survey about the sex lives of more than a thousand Salvadorans from greater San Salvador.