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09-Dec-2019 15:07

Was it possible I was using dating and relationships as an antidote to the pain?These were bright red flashing warning signals that I needed to pay attention to because if I didn’t sort out my emotions, they would become worse over time and eventually handicap my ability to freely and maturely love someone else. Because divorce is a traumatic event, there will always be some sort of pain associated with memories of your divorce, even when you are happy.A disadvantage here is that if you are not prepared to answer difficult questions towards the beginning you either have to lie or communicate that you are not ready to discuss it yet which can make the other person feel as though you have something major you’re hiding.A second disadvantage here is that when you decide to dump your baggage (and we all have some) on someone it can be very difficult for them to deal with all at one time.

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But doctors warn us of those “silent killers” such as heart disease and diabetes that often go undetected until it’s too late.That’s natural, but those occurrences should be benign events that pass quickly.