Dating and texting guys

12-Sep-2019 04:24

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but along the same lines, if you DON’T respond for a few days, he’ll lose interest because he’ll feel like you’re just not into him anymore.The key is to sometimes respond in a timely manner, and to sometimes wait a few hours to reply.This is one of the must lacklustre ways to greet someone over text.There are a TON of other things you can do to get his blood pumping in a way that makes him like you more. but it doesn’t take that much more effort to sound ten times more attractive.If you’re constantly telling your guy about how shitty your life is, eventually, he’s going to think that you don’t have any control over your life…or even worse, maybe he’ll feel responsible for how shitty you feel.

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If you respond to his text messages immediately, he’ll feel like you’re too available…I’m sure some of you follow funny Instagram accounts…