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06-Nov-2020 19:47

And in the third, strangers remained neutral, neither helping nor refusing aid.Afterward, the strangers approached the dogs with treats, and the researchers watched as the animals refused to take food from the strangers who had snubbed their owners.

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In the second, strangers came to the owner's rescue.They’re unfailingly loyal and love us unconditionally.That must be why so many of us value our connection with our four-legged friends so deeply. Whether you use your cute pup as a conversation starter or have had to battle pet problems out with a significant other, when pets are a part of your life, they're a part of your love life.

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The team over at Woodstream wanted to know exactly how owning a pet affects relationships, and they interviewed 1,000 people to find out the facts.A new Japanese study shows that dogs can sense when humans mistreat their masters.