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The longer you can hold your stocks, the better your odds of long-term investing success. History shows that stocks are wonderful long-term investments, but don’t take that to mean they go up in a straight line.

(If stocks only went up, everyone would be investing in them and there’d be no point in writing this.) There will be times when your stocks are down 30% or more. If you’re anything like me, going through that will make you question the whole point of this investing thing.

Many Vietnam-era veterans became aware of their symptoms almost immediately after their return home from the war.

But others, including many of the veterans of the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars, suffer a slow kindling of the disorder, in which the process starts slowly and worsens as time goes by, producing more and more severe symptoms.

All investors — especially newbies — should start by looking around and seeing which companies play an integral part in their lives. If you can’t figure out how a company makes money or explain the purpose of its products, you shouldn’t invest your hard-earned dollars.

When you buy a stock, you’re buying a piece of a business.