Dating couples one wants a dog the other doesnt

16-Apr-2020 07:03

My job is neither to judge, or be drawn into taking sides.My job is to help each person become his or her best self, both independently and as part of a couple.For instance, after Paul won his long-sought promotion, his wife Sheila not only cooked up a special dinner, she draped a banner saying I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT, SWEETHEART in their living room.Paul said in a session, “That meant the world to me.If you need to, say, “I need to walk away because I’ll say stuff I don’t mean and I don’t want to do that.Let’s get back to this discussion later.” This means yelling, screaming, not listening to, degrading and otherwise disrespecting your partner.

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In many cases, the dysfunctional couple’s union can be saved.

However, not judging doesn’t mean I can’t quickly deduce signposts that foretell the future health of the relationship.

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