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07-May-2020 22:53

Have you lost a male friend or family member to suicide?

What suggestions do you have for any of our members looking to improve their social connections?

The survey, undertaken in Britain, found that 51 per cent of participants, or 2.5 million men, have no close friends apart from their partner.

And although earlier research suggests that men’s physical and mental health improves when married, being hitched or middle-aged decreased the likelihood of men having someone they can rely on in a serious situation, such as concerns about work, health or money.

Men, it seems, are not ones to talk about their problems, finding it especially difficult to discuss emotional issues with their mates.

Around 79 per cent of men just don’t feel as if their mates are up to helping them with the serious problems they may face so, rather than discussing them, they don’t bother bringing them up.

I can even say that when I have issues with my relationship I can talk to her about it freely and openly and have very little trouble expressing my inner feelings with her. That is why it’s so important to have a close knit group of friends, or at least a couple of mates, to whom you can relate.

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This prattle about competitiveness is a load of crap!and when the divorce went through he came back for a second lots.and financial gain sorry I raised my children all on my own with no financial support from him he was self employed.I'm saddened that he's moving and I know I will see less of him, and when I think of the amount of times I've relied on him for support in numerous ways, it makes me realise just how much a good mate means to you. Women (I am one) take advantage of financial settlement laws designed to soften the blow for them while men are cast aside, lost and lonely, so they just suck it up and suffer in silence.

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Well the key comment is his poor financial position caused by a bad marriage split so he has to move 300 kms away from all that is familiar. There are many reasons why mateship is almost a thing of the past.

The want/need of wealth, influence, and authority has absolutely nothing to do with a man's reticence to confide in another about a difficulty, illness, or weakness of any kind - the reluctance to discuss one's "frailties" is all about admission of needing assistance in handling a hardship or problem which can't be resolved on one's own.

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