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One day, he was "roughed up" by the police and asked to sign a denunciation of communism.

In response, he said: "Look I am not a Buddhist, but I would never sign a denunciation of Buddhism".

In March 2018, he founded Me RA25, the "electoral wing" of Di EM25 in Greece.

In the 2019 legislative election, Me RA25 was the sixth most voted-for party, amassing nine parliamentary seats, with Varoufakis himself returning to the Hellenic Parliament.

The referendum rejected the troika bailout terms, and the day afterwards Varoufakis resigned as Minister of Finance, being `replaced by Euclid Tsakalotos.

In the mid-1970s Eleni Varoufaki became an activist for the Women's Union of Greece, which promoted gender equality and had been set up by members of PASOK.

He therefore enrolled in the economics course at Essex, but it has also been suggested that he decided to enroll in economics after meeting Andreas Papandreou.

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