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This pottery is glazed with a clear finish and is a product of Cook Inlet Native Clay Ceramics, often " are usually his work.

Ballard was an old Vermont family of potters, beginning with Orin, Alfred K. pottery started production in Los Angeles, California in 1910.

At the Century of Progress Exposition in 1934 in Chicago, Haeger Potteries' exhibit included a working ceramic factory where souvenir pottery was made. Haeger pieces have become collectible in recent years.

Items produced during Hickman's tenure are marked "Royal Haeger by Royal Hickman U. The original Haeger Potteries Plant is found in the Dundee Township Historic District. Alexandra Haeger Estes, great granddaughter of founder David Haeger, became president of the company in 1979.

The Alamo Pottery was sold to Universal-Rundle in 1951, after nearly 7 years in business.

The and his wife, Nancy, have a pottery business in Erwin, Tennessee.

Blue Mountain started with purchased blanks, but began producing red clay bodies with drip glazes around 1953.

The black-green combination is easiest to find and to recognize.

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The older products sometimes have a considerable collector value.Haeger is especially known for its vases and its figurines, which often depict birds and flowers. As of September 2014, Haeger has a factory store open to the public in East Dundee, Illinois.The company's pottery and other products are also available at a variety of retailers as well as on online auction sites such as e Bay.The company started as a Dundee, Illinois brickyard along the Fox River in 1852, using clay from the riverbank. Haeger, a German immigrant, became part owner of the Dundee Brickyard in 1871.

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Within a year Haeger was sole owner and had extended the business to include tiles.She announced on April 6, 2016 Haeger Potteries anticipated ceasing operations in May 2016, after 145 years in business.