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The thatched cottages are notable examples of a planned village built in vernacular style (here combining both Lowland Scottish and English influences, notably from Devon) and are increasingly appreciated as one of the most important examples of 'arts and crafts' vernacular style in Scotland.Following several roof fires in the 1970s and 1980s, several thatched roofs were converted to tiles and remain so today.The parish church is on an early Christian site, dedicated to Coeddi, bishop of Iona (died 712), probably founded about 700 AD from Iona itself as a daughter monastery.Though undocumented, crop-marks of surrounding ditched enclosures have been identified from the air, and the church's unusual dedication and fragments of several finely carved cross-slabs preserved in the church all point to an early origin as a major church site.The Fortingall Yew is an ancient tree in its own walled enclosure within the village churchyard.

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It was designed by the architect James M Mac Laren (1853–90) and built by John Mc Naughton.A number of other locations, including villages in Spain and Germany, make similar claims.It is also famous for its churchyard yew tree that is said to be the oldest living thing in Europe, over 5,000 years old.I am adventurous and love to seek out I work hard to enjoy nice things in life and hope to find someone to join me!

friends are equally as good, I like good in depth conversations and some intelligent chat but I'm happy with a good laugh and carry on.Its nearest sizable neighbours are Aberfeldy and Kenmore.