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09-Aug-2020 06:12

And Petra was indeed a city of stone, unlike any other in the Roman world.

The Nabataeans painstakingly carved their houses, tombs, and temples out of the solid rock.

The Roman historian Pliny reports that – beside the payments for fodder and lodging - gifts had to be given to the guards, the gatekeepers, the priests, and the king’s servants (Natural History, Book XII).

But the exorbitant prices that spices and perfumes could fetch in the prosperous cities of Europe kept the caravans coming, filling up the treasuries of Petra.

Naturally, the citizens of Petra did not provide these comforts free of charge.

The archaeologists also found charred seeds and nut shells, but what that means remains to be seen.

“The charred seeds and nut shells we find are most likely from fertilizer, and so are not evidence that those plants themselves grew in the garden,” Bedal told Haaretz.

It was one of the most famous water stops in the Middle East, where camel caravan routes linked distant cities.

Now archaeologists are discovering the Nabataean capital, situated in the southwestern deserts of Jordan, once was adorned with an exquisite, artificially irrigated garden.The archaeologists have also found underground channels that helped control runoff during the rainy season, revealing the true complexity of the system for the first time.