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February 28, 2018 -- State Representative Nathan Manning (R-North Ridgeville) today applauded the Ohio House's concurrence on legislation he jointly sponsored that provides intimate partner violence victims with further protections under Ohio law.The legislation will now go to Governor Kasich for final approval, the last step before becoming law.People are stopping us in the hallway to tell us how impactful our display is. This fundraiser was a way to show support of this topic and help raise money for the Genesis House.Staff and students were asked for monetary donations to wear a purple shirt and jeans to school.This display is a reminder of the vacancies that are left when a life is cut short through teen dating and domestic violence.Each seat has a picture frame on it that tells a true story of a young person who has been murdered by someone who was supposed to love them.

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Under current law, committed relationships in which the individuals do not reside in the same home or share a child in common are not covered under the law governing these types of protection orders.

It is our suggestion that you contact the Office of the Record Originator and if the information you need is in our Center, the department will give you our contact information.

If you do not have the contact information of the Department, feel free to call us and we will be happy to assist you in getting you the information you need.

It would be most helpful to have the following information when you come to research: The city, village, or township, address, parcel number, and the owner of the property's name back in the early years. Not quite, we only accept inactive records that county employees consult less than once a month. Currently 10,347 cubic feet of inactive records are stored at The Records Center. Birth and death records are in the Probate Court and the Health Department.

Ask us and we will refer you to the appropriate department.Those in such situations deserve the right to protection if violence occurs," said Rep.