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23-May-2020 04:34

As Pink News notes, homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death in the Gulf State, ruled over by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud.

In April, the Saudi authorities beheaded five men who allegedly confessed to having had gay sex.

But this does not stop the religious police from harassing women for exposing what they consider to be too much flesh or wearing too much make-up.

In July 2017, a prominent cleric called for even more modesty, urging the nation’s “daughters” to avoid “any abaya that has any decorations… Two weeks later, a video circulated on social media showing an anonymous Saudi woman walking around a deserted fort north of Riyadh wearing a miniskirt, in seeming defiance of such strict regulations on women’s clothing.

Women’s rights groups in the country are now lobbying for the end of guardianship in Saudi society, often using the social media hashtag “#IAm My Own Guardian”.

The dress code for women is governed by a strict interpretation of Islamic law and is enforced to varying degrees across the country.

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However, the state-sponsored killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the kingdom’s Istanbul consulate in October triggered a wave of criticism from the international community and put the spotlight back on Rijadh’s human rights record.Read more Living abroad is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life.Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.The system makes it “nearly impossible” for victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse to obtain legal redress, because the police often insist that women and girls obtain their guardian's authorisation to file a complaint - even when the complaint is against the guardian, explains political scientist Elham Manea in an article for German newspaper Deutsche Welle.

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In May 2017, activists won a small but significant victory when King Salman issued an order specifying that women did not need permission from their male guardian for some activities, including entering university, taking a job and undergoing surgery.

The six-second clip sparked a heated debate in the country, with conservatives demanding her arrest pitted against reformers applauding her bravery.