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Percy has to adjust to all the new things and to the feelings he developes for his not-quite-stepbrother Nico and his boyfriend.Nico/Jason/Percy slashy threesome Nico is a social outcast at Atlantis High.After one incident Professor Levi is forced to use Veritaserum on his student. Levi calls Eren into his office to tell Eren what he wants for Christmas and slash ensues. if your interested in acting then message me or leave a comment and i'll get back to you....

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Can Eren escape his lover's advances or will he end up being disciplined? High school AU - Nico doesn't like socializing, but his friends drag him to a "Rainbow Halloween Party". His answer makes Seirin curious what kind of girl would date Akashi. But Percy is an angel and for the lustful sins he committed with a demon, he has to pay the highest price. Percy slash Nicercy Prequel to "An Angel's Love" and "An Angel's Fall", the story of how they met - Percy is a young angel who sneaked out of heaven to see the mortal world. Percy slash Nicercy Stepping into Neverland means leaving your family behind. Mean Girls/High School AU; Levi twitched up a smile, relenting to the Dick Conquistador. It was his Fate to be sucked off by Eren in his cute cardigan.

I'll try my best to update every Thursday - Saturday weekly. I won't leave you hanging, but I can't promise that there won't be cliff hangers at the end of chapters. Team Taka is also at the same inn and Sasuke and Naruto meet up in the surrounding forest. Merlin finally snaps and tells off Arthur's friends and it all comes out. Percy is drowning, as ironic as that sounds, constantly being pulled under by the gruesome memories. Part of the "Lover of Olympus"-series, sequel to "The Mark of Perseus"!

Regardless of consoles, games oftentimes go hand-in-hand with anime adaptations—or the opposite, games are sometimes adaptations from a very popular anime series.… continue reading »

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