Dating of elko eared projectile points

22-Apr-2020 04:01

For this study, we relocated many of the Grant et al.

projectile point sites, discovered some new ones and attempted to correlate the most common corner-notched and basal notched forms with temporally diagnostic (time sensitive) southwestern Great Basin point styles to help date these specific petroglyphs (Figure 1).

Therefore we believe those dart point depictions and XRF dates place the Coso projectile point drawings during a range of time from about 2000 BC to AD 1.

The latter age range is synchronous with the a period of dart and atlatl use and is coterminous with the earliest accepted dates for the initiation of Rose Spring Series arrow points (ca. Also some surprising new observations associate the feminine gender with at least two of the projectile point petroglyph images.

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dating of elko eared projectile points-36

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Campbell Grant and his associates initially recognized a number of such projectile point petroglyphs within the Coso Range rock art tradition (Grant et al. The authors mention them briefly and only devote a single paragraph within their 147 page monograph.

However, even after mentioning them and providing pen and ink sketches of these elements and figures they did not attempt to date them.

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