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20-Aug-2020 00:31

I was on site in 2003 and I despise what its become. It's definitely changed a bit over past few years. And while we're at it, I also want to get rid of the advertising that came chasing after these people. You realize that, for example, Puerto Rico has mass protests going on, which are helped to organize with social media?

One of its continued strengths is the number of useful or deep articles in tech combined with a high number of people in the community that write them. We have some people who steadily have good insights and submissions on specific topics. To cite one example. I would agree that advertisement has done a lot of damage.

Looking at what people were uploading and what people were watching leaves me feeling a bit wistful.

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There are hard working people contributing great stuff and it just bothers me when people say stuff like this without pointing anything specific out.

I semi-chalk it up to the fact that the average age of the forum users is around 30-35 years old.

The main thing that has kept SA high quality is the registration fee.

Advertising ruins literally every communication medium: Your mailbox? Deep, rich content and communities have evaporated save for a few vestiges such as HN.

Even this lacks the camaraderie of the forums and news groups of the past.

Then putting them on cards on their search engine, triggering a gazillion unsuccessful antitrust lawsuits, only to see they all still aren‘t used.