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I don't know why but i guess not everything can go perfectly. Why can't our country be more serious in handling our rubbish? Is it because recycling takes too much effort and we can't really gain any profit from it that we think that it is not a worthwhile cause to fight for?I mean,the decreasing amount of space to chuck them away had some people worried a few years back,and i heard about trips being made to countries who successfully carry out their recycling programs. For me,i think that recycling is a brilliant idea and if only we are encouraged to recycle more,and also provided with the facilities and also the knowledge,well,wouldn't it be a better world?Coordinating an NGO called Food not Bombs Kuala Lumpur (FNBKL), Fiqtry and six other people, including his band members, cook vegetarian food at the FNBKL centre in Robson Heights, Taman Seputeh from 2pm to 5.30pm and then distribute the food to the homeless and destitute at Jalan Bukit Nenas, Kuala Lumpur.I heard about them from a friend some time ago,and it's amazing how dedicated some people are.Not that i'm doubting the existence of many good samaritans out there who are ever willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it. Even the occasional beggars who ask for money from table to table gets turned away.I guess some people think they are putting up a front,'pretending' to be crippled or blind in order to get some sympathy.

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I don't even know the answer to that :( Is anyone in my situation????? Terasa hilang segala masalah, duka dan nestapa bila terpandang wajahnya. Tidak-lah keluar dari rumah hatta untuk membuang sampah di tong sampah besar depan rumah sekalipun, dengan memakai pakaian yang tidak menutup aurat yakni ketat, sendat, lengan pendek, baju atas punggung dan tidak bertutup kepala, leher dan belahan baju.I guess you could never really be sure,just have faith in the human

But anyway,it would be really nice to get involved in any form of charity work. ;p The idea of recycling has always appealed to me as it offers a solution to the answer of where does all the rubbish go.

He said that eventually the kids them selves would decide which of the two they prefer.