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It was released in 1941 as "51" ink, along with the Parker 51 pen; in 1947 it was made somewhat less corrosive, and renamed "Superchrome".Parker was careful to print prominent warnings on caps, labels, and boxes that the ink could only be used in the 51 (and, later, its economy version, the 21), and would damage any other pen.The 51 Special was a later addition to the line, an economy version without a gold nib and with a simplified Aerometric filler mechanism.Specials also usually have caps that are polished bright rather than frosted, and a cap jewel that is black, not pearlescent (note, however, that late-production Specials from the 1960s resembled normal 51s, with frosty caps, pearl jewels, and gold nibs).This transparent demonstrator reveals the fine-finned "collector" hidden under the 51's hood.Its prodigious ability to trap ink makes the Vac-filling 51 a slow pen to empty. Nonetheless, professional overhaul is a good idea, even for pens that seem at first glance to be in good working order.A short model, known as the Demi, was introduced shortly before the Vacumatic filler was phased out.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.These special inks are no longer available, but Parker's Quink fountain pen ink, introduced in 1931, is still suitable.* Years are as close as possible, but it must be noted that most changes often took place over a period of months.In 1955, a matching 51 Jotter ballpoint was introduced, along with the so-called Liquid Lead pencil -- a nonretractable ballpoint using a graphite slurry.

Current Parker ballpoint refills fit the 51 Jotters, but the Liquid Lead refills (which reportedly never worked all that well) have long been unavailable.

Parker's continued advertising during the war created a demand that took several years to fulfill after the end of the conflict. 116,097, The 51 was innovative, with its hooded, tubular nib and multi-finned collector, all designed to work in conjunction with the pen's proprietary ink, allowing the nib to stay wet and lay down an even line with either the ultra-fast drying ink or more traditional inks.