Dating reissued financial statements

04-Apr-2020 10:45

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Prior Period Errors are omissions from, and misstatements in, prior period financial statements resulting from the failure to use, or the misuse of, reliable information that was available, or could be reasonably expected to have been obtained, at the time of preparation of those financial statements.

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Where impracticability impairs an entity's ability to correct an accounting error retrospectively from the earliest prior period presented, the correction must be applied prospectively from the beginning of the earliest period feasible (which may be the current period).

Accounting Errors discovered after the reporting date but before the authorization of financial statements are adjusting events after the reporting date as per IAS 10 and must therefore be corrected in the current period prior to the issuance of financial statements.

The retrospective correction of accounting errors may be impracticable.

Australian Accounting Standards meet the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which Australia adopted in 2005.

Section 601CK of the Corporations Act requires registered foreign companies to lodge balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements and other documents with ASIC.

Selecting import will overwrite the existing data for the selected company and replace the information with the data from the ASIC Electronic Data.