Dating rocks and soils

29-Dec-2019 06:26

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The soils of Burgundy are summarized in the following figure.

– Sediments are complex systems containing carbon of multiple forms, sizes ranges and sources.

The sea withdrew approximately 65 million years ago and erosion of the exposed sedimentary rocks led to the creation of valleys and clay-limestone soils.

Thirty million years ago (Tertiary era), the action of the African plate pushing against the European plate resulted in the formation of Mont Blanc and the Massif Central as well as the landscape in evidence today between Dijon and Macon.

During the Mesozoic era, most of mainland France was covered under a warm sea which was favorable for coral development and limestone deposits.

During the Jurassic period (150 million years ago), calcareous sedimentation converted the deposits into rocks comprised of clay, marls, and limestones.

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Beaujolais and Chablis soils have been covered elswhere.Glacial activity during the Quaternary period eroded existing slopes to form the Côtes we know today.