Dating running out of things to talk about

02-Nov-2020 19:58

It can give your partner an inside look at what type of childhood you had as well as what type of relationship you have with your family members.

If you notice you’ve become wiser, less reactive, or more compassionate, share that with your partner.

Sure, we all have moods and times when we're more quiet than others, but if this is happening repeatedly, it's a bad sign. If nothing significant has changed, then your relationship might simply have run its course.

After three months, you guys should really be clicking, not running out of things to talk about. Sometimes we have bad dates on the first date, other times it takes 10-15 dates before we run out of common ground. Obviously you guys hit it off at some point, so maybe you can think about how you did so and rekindle that.

Also, be willing to talk about what makes you feel angry, when you’re disappointment, and when you feel embarrassed or hurt.

Whether you’ve got a close relationship with your family or not, talking about family can be important.

All healthy relationships should include shared goals for the future.

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