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11-Oct-2020 21:59

He may produce a used condom as evidence of your crime, may claim he is under the legal age and that he is not gay and you forced him into it.You will be asked to pay money or go to prison, they may force you to go to the ATM and withdraw from your savings or with your credit card.Also note the email address and phone numbers below so that you can identitfy him.In these fake profiles he has called himself James and says he lives at Legon.w=113&h=150" alt="" srcset=" w=113&h=150 113w, w=226&h=300 226w" sizes="(max-width: 113px) 100vw, 113px" / We know for a fact, that Frank repeatedly introduces his contacts to his friends even after they have scammed others.

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" data-medium-file=" w=225" data-large-file=" w=389" class="size-thumbnail wp-image-176 " title="Frank Avorsey and George Morris" src=" fact, he has treated some visitors so well that he his public image is of someone honest and reliable.His charm and confidence have won him many friends.least to those that have not seen his other side!The agent was apparently called Richard Buju, email [email protected], phone: 0205 64 63 91.

The phone number is actually one of Frank’s multiple numbers he uses. See the section on Christopher Agunor to see what Frank’s Photoshop skills can achieve!Could it be a coincidence that George’s email has the ending ‘au’ for Australia?