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SOLD I managed to find a collection of vintage Japanese glass beads, probably dating from after WWII, which make lovely necklaces at a very reasonable price.I especially like the "flower" beads, which I often use as accents.4) 3 strands of transparent light blue and blue 5mm round beads, about 16 inches, gold color spring ring clasp, .5) Transparent 6mm beads with subtle swirls of pink and green, accented by larger pink and green swirled beads and sterling silver accents, about 16 inches, sterling pearl (fishhook) clasp, .3) Amber nuggets graduated in color from butter amber to dark honey, hand-knotted on nylon, about 24 inches, .4) Graduated honey amber barrels, hand-knotted on nylon, about 28 inches, amber barrel clasp, .Types of tableware include bowls, candle holders, desk accessories, goblets, cups, knives, napkin rings, plates, trays, and spoons.

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Magnets are available in various shapes and forms, including discs, rods, plates, cubes, rings, tubes, and spheres. Magnets for whiteboards, glass boards, and mounts are also available. Products include chain, necklace, pearl, and spring ring clasps.

Matching earrings available for with sterling "French hook" ear wires.

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