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24-Oct-2020 05:16

Our committees have been very active as well and we are very happy with the new committee which has been set up the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Committee (headed by Muhammadali Makhmudov of Legalmax) which organised their first seminar during the Central Asian Investment Forum last October.

2019 will be the year of Active Investments and Social Development in Uzbekistan and we are looking forward to continue our dialogue with the government.

The government issued new reforms, almost on a daily basis, and it was hard for us to keep with the pace they set.

Liberalisation of the visa regime, announcement of the new tax law, new foreign investment law, the PPP law and many more initiatives have been taken to open up the country and attract more foreign investments.

Je jím slabší varianta přeplňovaného benzinového tříválce 1.0 TSI naladěného na 70 k W, který je spárován s pětistupňovou manuální převodovkou.

Zahájení prodeje Scaly G-Tec je naplánováno na čtvrté čtvrtletí 2019. ta 1,5 je pro obyč lidi stejně drahá a pocitově kdety koně jsou? Vetšina vezme litr a vyšší výbavu necht je jimto jedno že to má tři válce v SM to vychválili až na převody..... • Monthly networking events give access to biggest investors in Uzbekistan, diplomatic corps and international organizations • Am Cham Uzbekistan Daily Investor's Newsletter, sponsored by AFS Research provides the most up-to-date and relevant local news translated for your convenience.