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In many cases, we cannot determine the exact date that a piece of cookware was made. We can come pretty close to a range of dates once we understand a little bit about the manufacturing of the cookware.

The iron foundries would have moulds for the various pieces of cookware and over time the moulds would need to be replaced.

An extensive online search for ANY Magnalite pots that were made in the United States will show that they are extremely difficult to obtain.

Magnalite cookware is obviously held onto and passed down from generation to generation.

I highly recommend checking out the free guide if you are trying to determine the age of your Wagner Ware.

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In 1933 Rideout and his partner Harold Van Doren designed a Magnalite teakettle with varying thickness to maximize heat conductivity, and in 1934 they designed an Magnalite aluminum covered casserole for Wagner.Now that I know better, I use reproductions I’ve bought to show people what not to buy.Specializing in the best, I collect Griswold cast iron cookware made between 18.In 1957 Randall's Wagner division acquired Griswold Manufacturing from Mc Graw-Edison. Textron sold the Wagner and Griswold lines to General Housewares Corporation (GHC) in 1969.

In 1996 GHC sold rights to the Wagner and Griswold lines to Slyman Group.The two pieces to the right (which I found on ebay), are most likely from the period from 1925 – 1959. Amazing that it never had any food on it until I bought it.