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17-Jan-2020 19:57

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https://sg/lifestyle/others/...those-industry Being an influencer is harder than you think, say those in industry.

Besides grappling with trolls, crafting Instagram posts take time and thought too.

The 31-year-old told TNP: "We don't see ourselves as 'online famous'. "We are your usual workaholics, the difference is we post our work online." Social media stars can help shoppers understand brands better: Experts With a majority of consumers being more active on social media, Gain City's I Can Be An Influencer talent search aims to connect with shoppers in a more interactive way.

Mr Tan Sau, Gain City's e-commerce and assistant digital marketing manager, told The New Paper: "We believe that great, professional influencers can help consumers understand the brands better and make more informed buying decisions." What is more, these influencers do not have to be celebrities with thousands or millions of followers, said Mr Tan.

In light of the recent controversial rap video by You Tuber siblings Preeti and Subhas Nair calling out "brownfacing", being a social media influencer can be a double-edged sword.

But while there are downsides, the job still has its attractions.

Even from friends in the past who make comments about you.

That is why being a minister or public figure is something most people do not want to do.

But he noted that utilising online personalities may not be as effective as traditional media marketing.

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