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15-Jun-2020 10:45

The more usual custom of seven circles has many explanations, including that there are seven days in a week and seven on Shabbat.In addition, "when a man takes a wife" appears in the bible seven times and on Simchat Torah, the Torahs are carried around the synagogue seven times.

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One explanation for the basis of circling three times is based on the three times in Hosea -22 when God, in reassuring Israel, "says": "and I will betroth you unto Me." Another refers to a woman's three basic rights in marriage: food, clothing, and sex.

It also may serve as a marker of the change taking place in their lives.

Be sure to consider how your body responds to hunger when deciding if this will be a meaningful observance.

Jacob worked for Rachel's father, Laban, for seven years in order to win Rachel's hand in marriage.

But, at their wedding, Laban secretly substituted his elder daughter Leah for Rachel, later asserting that Jacob had to marry her before marrying Rachel.The processional may be otherwise adapted to suit the needs of divorced or blended families or same-sex couples.

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