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I love to try new im not online playing with you, I`m hanging out with my naughty girlfriends!lol but when I`m online you cam join my hot webcam video chat!She could just tell Tohru that she likes him, but that never happens in anim-… Yo Minko, you act all tough around Ohana and I’m gonna let you finish moping, but bookstore girl has the most guts of any character in this anime. Ohana agrees to upend her closest friend’s life just to prove some point to her mother, but luckily, the girl at the bookstore steps in. Not only did she directly confess her feelings to Ko, she also tells Ohana to stop screwing around with the poor guy’s feelings.Ohana just stammers in response; she doesn’t want to give up Ko, but she won’t say she likes him either.When Ohana takes her coworkers to confront her mother, Satsuki was all packed and ready to return with her daughter to Kissuiso.Maybe she’s finally considerate of her daughter’s feelings after all; the Matsumae household seem like slow learners.

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Well, gosh, I’m sure Ko has nothing better to do either.

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