Dealing with intimidating customers

15-Apr-2020 06:58

In this case: talk to the upper manager and provide examples of the intimidating behaviour.

Mention you need the space to perform your job in the best way by having the possibility to provide feedback freely and openly.

You can make an effort if you have the time and money for it, but there are no guarantees you’ll get the desired outcome.

However, conflict and confrontation will always lead to a new way to improve the company’s state, provided they are done effectively and from a clear policy perspective.

In my working experiences I have seen it happening quite a lot around me: colleagues being too scared to speak their mind, believing confrontation will lead to more tension.

Luckily, I have been less afraid of confronting people, understanding the urgency of discussing the problem.

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Don’t be surprised that he can’t improvise when tasks get difficult.I believe the more a leader is interested in personal growth, the less they will avoid facing the difficult parts of leadership: which means confronting and leading when a healthy work environment is negatively affected by underperforming intimidating behaviour.

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