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(I also insisted as a kid that when I grew up I wanted to doodle on napkins for a living, so I think my parents were mostly concerned that their daughter was destined headlong for the lifelong struggles of a napkin artist).

I'd dated a rich dude or two in the wanton youth of my early 20s, and let me tell you — along with having all your meals paid for, fancy things at your beck and call, and never having to take a subway, rich dudes have so many uniquely strange and tedious issues that can only come from an extremely privileged upbringing with little to no actual character-building conflict (unless you count the extreme pressure from their wealthy families to be some sort of business mogul) or sense of reality.

THE BACHELOR, De Anna Pappas, Estefania, Jenni, Michele, Jade, Brad Womack, Mallory, Kristy, Erin, Hillary, Sheena, Sarah, (Season 11, episode 1101, aired September 24, 2007), 2002-,.

Photo: Karen Neal / © ABC / courtesy everett collection Since I was a wee lass, my mom had always encouraged me to marry rich — didn't say he had to be a doctor or a lawyer, just wealthy.

Look, they're fun and all, but they're a fussy bunch and after a while, I get really bored of being constantly reminded of how "cute" my career/life choices are "for now."Anyway, fast forward to the present, where I, a successful career woman, am invited to a singles mixer in the Hamptons where the premise is that all the dudes are of elite millionaire status.

The "exclusive matchmaking soiree" was hosted by Lasting Connections, a professional matchmaking service based in New York City, and teased the tantalizing presence of "NYC’s most eligible bachelors." dresses into a weekender for what was bound to be a fruitful reaping of wealthy digits.

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(Mostly that.)I entertained the idea of creating a fictional persona: some sort of Tennessee Williams damsel — a fallen heiress determined to reenter society on the arm of a hedge fund manager or venture capitalist.

I decided that Shark Belt probably knows more about business than beauty so I pivoted the conversation to business because how often do I have the opportunity to pick the brains of hypothetically self-made business moguls?