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The Rapid Transit Commission consisted of eight members: Nathan Matthews, Jr, Mayor and Chairman William Jackson, City Engineer John Quincy Adams Chester W. This would allow the subway to run on the surface streets in the less congested areas of the city and underground in the more congested areas to reduce street traffic above. The first act called for the formation of a Metropolitan Transit Commission but was promptly rejected by voters at the state election. They were also required to construct a bridge to Charlestown.

The second act allowed for the formation of a Board of Subway Commissioners that was authorized to lay out and construct a subway from Tremont Street to Pleasant Street. The act further authorized an issue of bonds to the amount of ,000,000 for the construction of subways and a sufficient sum, in addition to 0,000 already appropriated by the City Council, to complete the Charlestown Bridge.” The act was approved on July 2, 1894 and accepted by the voters of Boston in a special election held on July 24, 1894.

The members of the Boston Transit Commission were: George Glover Crocker, Chairman Howard A. Green submitted the following report on December 20, 1894: “This parcel of land was bought by the town in the year 1756 for a place of interment, and since then it has continued to be used for that object.

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To rectify the problem, the Boston Transit Commission, with Howard A.This act was approved by Boston City Council on January 1, 1894. While planning the layout of the Boston Subway, the Boston Transit Commission became aware that parts of the Central Burying Ground near Boylston Street possibly lay in the path of the subway. Samuel Green, the former Mayor of Boston and the librarian for the Massachusetts Historical Society, to write a report about the history of that plot of land and asked for advice on what to do with any unearthed remains.In 1894, the Legislature passed an act which allowed for the incorporation of the Boston Elevated Railway, a privately owned company that would be responsible for building and running an elevated railway line, and also called for the creation of the Boston Transit Commission, which was the first public transportation agency in America. In addition, the Commission also asked Green if there was any health risk involved in unearthing dead bodies.Carson as chief engineer, was created in 1894 to study remedies.”“Boston’s traffic problems surfaced during the 1890s, but their roots stretched back half a century to the years when the city’s population truly began to explode.

During the 1840s, Boston was the first stop in the New World for thousands of desperate and hungry immigrants fleeing Ireland’s disastrous potato famine.A steady stream of immigrants from Italy, Germany, and Eastern Europe added to the numbers, and in just ten years Boston’s population swelled from 90,000 to 135,000.” Public transportation at the time was practically nonexistent so city officials began creating horse-drawn trolleys, which were later replaced by electric trolleys, to accommodate the growing population.

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