Devil survivor dating sim

26-Jun-2020 23:07

Kaoru Sakurazuka is a normal Japanese young man, not unique in the least except for his oddly feminine facial features, which drive him crazy.His name doesn't thrill him either -- Kaoru is a common name for both girls and boys.This time, they can summon demons from their cell phones.That may sound ridiculous, but if you’ve played the original Devil Survivor, this plot will seem oddly familiar.You are gifted with a Demon Summoning App, granting you the ability to summon and command your own demons.This is essential to your survival, as the death videos become more regular, and you are clued into the grander scheme of things.

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Thankfully, your phones are good for more than simply showing how you’ll bite the dust.The next day, Kaoru is shocked to wake up to find that he's been transformed into a girl!