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For the Incas being “Inca” meant being a member of the group identified by that name.

They considered themselves superior to the other tribes and being Inca was a source of pride; only descendants of the original tribe were true Inca or children of the Sun.

Their centrally planned economy, the collection of tribute, a draconian law system, food security and its fair distribution along with free health care and education were the basis of its economic and social success and in that sense securing the loyalty of its subjects.

The government was highly organized even without the benefits of a writing system.

All others were subjects of the The decline of the Incas started before the Spanish arrived in Inca territory.

Their arrival accelerated its decline and eventually its fall.

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Starting around the year 1438 the Incas started expanding when Inca Pachacutec came to the throne, at this point the Inca civilization became an empire.Among the most important and first animals they domesticated were llamas and alpacas, this occurred between 30 BC.