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You can run through these in any order, then once you’re done select “End the Conversation” once you’re finished. Pick a location to go to, but you’ll be stopped by the “very passionate fan” of Sana’s. After she makes you some food: Sing her praises Questions can be ask in any order again: Remind her it’s getting late Respond to her texts: Make me some more next time. She’ll text you again later asking to meet up, respond based on whether you can at the moment or not.

How nice they are doesn’t seem to immediately matter, but be nice and crack a smile and snap the picture when Sana puts up a peace sign. Third Date: If you have the suit from La Marche you’ll put it on. After this she’ll text to meet up again, so respond when you want to meet her.

If done right you can grab it just under it’s ears, and it’ll just hang from them.

If you miss and it ends up flipping over you can grab it easier if it stays straight, just try to grab it from the middle. Second Date: Sana starts by giving you the Amidst a Dream LP.

Sana will text you, respond with: I’m totally fine. Up to you how much to spend where you’re at the in the game if you want to. Don’t go too expensive or flashy, she doesn’t like that as much. Yukko will now text you, basically egging you on into asking Nanami out. Go to send a message to Nanami, but then Yagami will stop himself. After your discussion with Yukko message Nanami again: Ask her to help You’ll call Yukko after you close your phone, then call Nanami and let her know to meet you for the investigation. I choose to “Tell her the truth”, and she heads off and the date is over.As a young kid in California, my experiences from the back seat of our car mostly alternated between: “Mom, when are we there? ”, whenever one of those 10 foot billboards popped up on the side of the road.Just think of it this way, Google and Facebook generate more revenue than any traditional media company because they control more eyeballs.Location up to you, though Nanami is really into Drones, so Drone Race is probably a good first pick. Even without any Drone upgrades at all if you’ve not ventured into them you should be able to win, just use turbo regularly and stick to the inside corners. You’ll then be able to message Yukko: Ask Yukko-san I am. You’ll have the date spot marked on your map just North of Dragon’s Palace, head over there when you’re ready. Send her a text, then text Yukko, then Nanami, then Yukko, then Nanami one more time.

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In regards to drinking on the first date: Either answer (you go for drinks anyway) Questions can be asked in any order: After the first date, respond to her texts with: I don’t mind. You can then text her back on your own time when you want to have a date again: How’ve you been? You’ll then have a date marker over in Wette Kitchen, where you should go to speak to Yukko. Third “Date”: When you’re done the conversation Yukko will now be turned around staring at you like a weirdo. Once the date is done, select: I’d rather investigate some things we can do together. Last text you’ll ask to meet her over at Theater Square, where a marker for her will show up shortly. it’s is advertising delivered through digital channels.