Divorced dad with kids dating

03-Nov-2020 11:54

At that point, you’ll need to have a heart-to-heart talk with your son. Tell him that you realize no one could ever replace his mom.Explain that you don’t expect your girlfriend to be his mommy, but that because you love her very much, you want him to get to know her as well.You mentioned that you’re serious about your new girlfriend, but you didn’t say how long you’ve been dating or describe the level of your commitment.Don’t push your son to develop a relationship with your girlfriend until the two of you are absolutely certain that you’re moving forward into a lasting commitment that is likely to result in engagement and marriage.An opposite, but equally difficult scenario is often seen when a child becomes attached to his parent’s dating partner.

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If the kids are in sports you will now get to follow some new sports teams.

Focus on the Family offers an excellent book that addresses your situation.

It’s called and it’s written by Ron Deal, a marriage and family therapist.

You should also give some serious thought to the question of whether the woman you’re dating will be a positive influence in your son’s life.

is your primary responsibility and it’s imperative that she have the depth of character required to become an effective and understanding step-parent.Now I'm getting serious about another woman and am not exactly sure what I should do. Your son’s reaction isn’t that uncommon or surprising.

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