Dns not updating from dhcp

05-Jun-2020 17:42

You can use the following registry subkey to modify the update interval: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Default Registration Refresh Interval Data type: REG_DWORD Range: 0x0 – 0x FFFFFFFF seconds Default value: 0x15180 (86,400 seconds = 24 hours) for Windows 2000 Professional Default value: 0x E10 (3,600 seconds = 1 hour) for Windows 2000 Server and Windows Advanced Server Scope: Affects all adaptors This specifies the time interval between DNS update registration updates.

The default Time To Live (TTL) value used for dynamic registrations is 20 minutes.

If there is a problem with PTRs getting updated even after configuring credentials, please see this article: DHCP server processes expired PTR resource records in Windows Server 2003 . The use of Name Protection in the Windows Server® 2008 R2 operating system prevents name squatting by non-Windows-based computers.

Name squatting does not present a problem on a homogeneous Windows network where Active Directory® Domain Services (AD DS) can be used to reserve a name for a single user or computer.” DHCP Step-by-Step Guide: Demonstrate DHCP Name Protection“Name squatting occurs when a non-Windows-based computer registers in Domain Name System (DNS) with a name that is already registered to a computer running a Windows® operating system.

For example, some folks believe that the DNS servers or other DCs not be running DHCP should be in it. Make sure that NO user accounts are in that group, either.

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This is because the client will not update itself due to the current record in DNS is beyond the lease period.

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